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What New Homeowners Should Know About Their Roof

When you buy a home (unless you buy it brand new) you don’t always know exactly what you’re getting into—similar to buying a used car, or getting married. You have home inspections done but they can’t tell you the details of how well the previous owners cared for the home. But, never fear, as always—we’ve … Read More

The Top Terrible Roofing Mistakes Every Homeowner Makes

Taking care of your roof is hard—we get it. But we’ve decided to help by laying out the deadliest sin of common roofing mistakes that nearly every homeowner makes—so that you can avoid the 4 most common—and costly—mistakes made by homeowners when it comes to their investment-protecting roof.  The 4 Terrible Common Roofing Mistakes Most … Read More

How to Properly Inspect your Roof

Roofing shingle inspections shouldn’t be taken lightly or completed willy-nilly. Your roof is the protector of your home, it’s like a moisture-fighting gladiator. It protects the small-fortune investment you’ve made in your home and prevents foundations from cracking, moisture from damaging the walls and trees from falling on your heads. As such it deserves your … Read More

Patching or Replacing Your Roof: The Pros and Cons

When a roof and roofing shingles start leaking, regularly, a homeowner must decide whether to pursue patching or replacing your roof. But—when to patch, and when to replace? When Patching or Replacing your Roof Makes Sense To understand the decision of whether to patch or to replace your roof you must first understand the telltale … Read More

How to Maintain your Cedar Roofing and Mistakes to Avoid while Maintaining It

When it comes to how to maintain your cedar roofing—and mistakes to avoid while maintaining it—our advice is simple: just remember that it is wood. While trees seem to have the outdoor-wood thing down, prepared wood products like Adirondack chairs, wood siding and cedar shake roofing tiles all need maintenance. How to Maintain your Cedar Roofing  When … Read More

Understanding Roof Vents and the Impact They Have on your Home

When understanding roof vents and the impact they have on your home we like to compare it to the human body’s lungs—without them you wouldn’t be able to inhale—and exhale the air the body needs to function properly. Your roof and home also need to ‘breathe’. Roof vents are pivotal in maintaining proper air and … Read More