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Metal Roofing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Metal roofing is visually stunning—but it does have its advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding to install a metal roof you should know all the facts about metal roofing, so that you can make an informed decision, for you, your family and (the value of) your home. Advantages of Metal Roofing Included in the ‘pros’ column … Read More

Roofing Aurora: 6 Things to Look for in Roofing Companies and Roofing Contractors

Roofing Aurora: Hiring roofing companies and roofing contractors in Aurora can be difficult. Who do you trust? Who is most affordable? Who will do the best job? Who will stand behind their warranty—over the long-term? To help demystify the process—simply call the Dillon Bros, the most established roofing company in Aurora. OK—shameless self-plug over, but … Read More

Concerns for Roofing Richmond Hill

Weather in Richmond Hill is fickle, to say the least. This ever-changing weather creates a number of concerns for roofing in Richmond Hill, but—luckily—most of them can be avoided or easily fixed with proper roof maintenance. 4 Major Concerns for Roofing in Richmond Hill Our major concerns for roofing in Richmond Hill are based on … Read More

4 Roof Repair Tips for Homeowners

Roofing is our passion—and that passion overflows when we’re offering advice to homeowners roof repair tips on how to keep the beautiful roof we just installed in tip-top shape, over the long-term. Keeping your roof in prime condition isn’t difficult, but it does take short bouts of regular maintenance, and a little TLC. To keep … Read More

How to Shingle a Roof

When it comes to how to shingle a roof, the absolute best way to shingle a roof—is to call us here at the Dillon Bros. We have the experience, safety equipment—and insurance—to complete the job well, safely, and on-time. Here at the Dillon Bros we know how dangerous it can be up on roofs, which … Read More