Monthly Archives: February 2014

Winter Roofing—Which Roofing Material is Best for Ontario Winters?

A simple Google Earth view will tell you that winter roofing here in Canada is different. We don’t just choose our roofing for the aesthetics, we also choose it for how it holds up in winter—and how well it insulates your home against winter weather. So…just which roofs are ideal as a winter roofing material? … Read More

Roofing Material Cost Comparison

A roofing material cost comparison is important for savvy homeowners looking to install the new roof, for the simple reason that your home is an investment. Your roof is also an investment. It can add beauty to your home in addition to value. It can also improve your energy efficiency, keeping it on trend with … Read More

Roofing System Components—the 3 Elements you Need to Know

Understanding roofing system components is the key to savvy homeowners understanding the investment they are making. It is important to understand roofing as it is an investment that literally puts a roof over your head. Knowing your roofing system components will help you make solid decisions when purchasing a new roof—or in maintaining your old … Read More

Roofing 101—Your Crash Course in Roofing

Roofing 101 is our crash course in roofing. It is designed to give homeowners the basic facts they need to purchase a new roof, or to maintain their existing one to extend its lifecycle. Without further ado (because you have enough to read below) here is our roofing guide: Roofing 101—Your Crash Course in Roofing … Read More