Monthly Archives: March 2014

Winter Roofing Tips To Help You Prepare Your Roof For NEXT Winter

After enduring one of the iciest winters that we have ever had, many people have committed to preparing their roofs for the next winter season. The frigid weather conditions can lead to ice dams; a buildup of ice that can prevent water from properly draining off of our roofs. When this occurs, it can cause … Read More

The Top Green Roofs To Improve The Value Of Your Home

Are you looking for a cost-efficient way to boost the value of your house? We all have an obligation to protect our families. One way that you can guarantee this is to prepare for your financial future. The future may sound like something that doesn’t need to be worried about for many years, but it … Read More

Roofing Tips: How To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

As the years roll by, it can be easy to take our roof for granted. Some homeowners will avoid getting their roofs inspected for many years, mainly because they believe that it’s still in cosmetically good shape. However, neglecting your roof until an issue occurs can end up being a very expensive lesson for you … Read More

Roofing In Richmond Hill And Newmarket: When To Call A Roofer

There are times where we need to accept that we can’t do everything on our own. We may be handy enough to fix a leaky faucet or replace our front door, but when you’re having issues with your roof, calling an expert would be your best bet. Roofing In Richmond Hill And Newmarket: When To … Read More

Roofing Maintenance—Post-Winter Maintenance To Put In Your Spring Calendar

We can finally say that warm weather is on the horizon! After dealing with one of the coldest, iciest winters that we’ve had in many years, it’s safe to say that we’ll embrace a season that’s devoid of any snow. With a change in the weather comes a change in our lifestyles; now that winter … Read More