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How Gutter Covers Can Help Your Roof Last Longer

We all know how costly repairs for our homes can be. After several years of being a home owner, you just need to be prepared for any and all challenges in order to cope with any issues that may arise. An important key to keeping our houses in good shape is preventative maintenance. A significantly … Read More

Roofing Material Cost Comparison

A roofing material cost comparison is important for savvy homeowners looking to install the new roof, for the simple reason that your home is an investment. Your roof is also an investment. It can add beauty to your home in addition to value. It can also improve your energy efficiency, keeping it on trend with … Read More

3 Roofing Materials to Avoid Like the Plague

When it comes to roofing materials that people should have avoided like the plague—we’ve seen it all, right down to tarp-covered roofs on unfinished and botched roofing jobs. To help save you from learning the hard way and installing one of the below roofing materials below that should be avoided like the plague—we’ve created this … Read More

Understanding Roof Vents and the Impact They Have on your Home

When understanding roof vents and the impact they have on your home we like to compare it to the human body’s lungs—without them you wouldn’t be able to inhale—and exhale the air the body needs to function properly. Your roof and home also need to ‘breathe’. Roof vents are pivotal in maintaining proper air and … Read More

The 11 Benefits of using Modern Slating

If you’re considering using slate roofing—kudos, it is gorgeous. But beyond the sheer exquisiteness of it all did you know that there are 11 tangible benefits of using Moderne slating? 1. Resistant to Well—Everything Moderne slating roof tiles are non-combustible and they can resist everything from fires to storm to wind to rot to insects. … Read More

The Benefits of Using GAF Deck Armour in your Roof

As experienced roofing specialists in Newmarket, York, Durham, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Zefer & Uxbridge we are regularly asked if it is worth the small extra cost to use GAF Deck Armour in roofs that we install and repair—and our resounding answer is YES. There are a number of benefits of using GAF Deck Armour in … Read More

The benefits of choosing ‘Inspire’ roofing for your home

Any honest roofing Newmarket contractor will tell you why one roofing material supplier is their personal choice over the others they have at their disposal. Still, there are some names that have held a long standing credibility with roofing contractor experts and InSpire is one that stands at the top of the list for several … Read More

The importance of installing a drip edge to your roof

If you start a roofing conversation with qualified roofing contractors, you’ll soon see the entire structure that keeps the elements at bay is really a series of components working together. Roofing Newmarket professionals know the whole system thoroughly and the importance of installing a drip edge on your roof specifically.  A drip edge protects from … Read More

Know Which Accessories are the Best to Compliment your Slate Toronto Roofing

Our customers always ask us which accessories are the best to compliment their slate Newmarket roofing—and our answer: only the best! Putting low-quality accessories on a slate roof is like taking a leer jet to a 2-star resort. Your slate roof is going to last you a long, long, long time—so you need accessories that … Read More

Why YOU Should Consider Eave-Protecting your Roof for Next Winter

When people ask us Newmarket roofing questions, like ‘why should they eave-protect their roofs for the winter’ our answer is always this: a house needs to be built on solid foundations, and your roof and eavestroughs protect your foundations—ergo, an investment in your eavestroughs and roof is a critical investment in your home. As an … Read More