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The Most Popular Roof Colours

So you’ve decided to spruce up things at your house by getting a new roof. Rather than just getting the exact same style of roof, you wanted to spice things up by getting a different roof colour that can better compliment the overall look of your home. At this time, many reputable roofing companies, such … Read More

The Importance of a Shingle’s Wind Rating

A roof is only as effective as its shingles and its shingles are only as effective as their wind rating. So, exactly what is the importance of a shingle’s wind rating? They’re like Batman’s belt or James Bond’s toys – critical to success of the mission, and your roof’s mission is to protect you from … Read More

4 Reasons Why Cedar Shingles Could Be the Best Roofing Material

The stunning allure of a beautiful, rustic roof is too much too resist for some homeowners, which is why many are deciding on cedar roofing. But did you know that there are at least 4 reasons why cedar roofing shingles could be the best Newmarket roofing materials out there. Here are a few of the … Read More

Here’s a few good reasons why slate shingles are the best material for your new roof

Looking though all the possibilities when you’re considering the options as far as what’s available from roofing Newmarket firms and products can be daunting. There’s no doubt that roofing has come a long way since the only option was asphalt shingles. Today’s innovative roofing contractors can offer slate shingles as just one of the modern … Read More

What you need to know and ask when re-shingling your roof.

Before you decide to call in professional roofing contractors to re-shingle your roof, there are a few basic things you should know about roofing to make sure you understand the process and some questions you need to ask before any work gets underway. Start by asking the contractor for an estimate based on the choice … Read More