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How to Achieve a Long-Term ROI on Roofing Services

Homeowners may spend a large amount of money replacing their roofing system. And so it’s important to understand how to increase the value of the investment. The home’s future should be a leading consideration within any roofing investment decision. That’s because systems should be designed to hold their value over several years. Here, we’ll focus … Read More

Roofing 101—Your Crash Course in Roofing

Roofing 101 is our crash course in roofing. It is designed to give homeowners the basic facts they need to purchase a new roof, or to maintain their existing one to extend its lifecycle. Without further ado (because you have enough to read below) here is our roofing guide: Roofing 101—Your Crash Course in Roofing … Read More

3 Roofing Materials to Avoid Like the Plague

When it comes to roofing materials that people should have avoided like the plague—we’ve seen it all, right down to tarp-covered roofs on unfinished and botched roofing jobs. To help save you from learning the hard way and installing one of the below roofing materials below that should be avoided like the plague—we’ve created this … Read More

Concerns for Roofing Richmond Hill

Weather in Richmond Hill is fickle, to say the least. This ever-changing weather creates a number of concerns for roofing in Richmond Hill, but—luckily—most of them can be avoided or easily fixed with proper roof maintenance. 4 Major Concerns for Roofing in Richmond Hill Our major concerns for roofing in Richmond Hill are based on … Read More

4 Roof Repair Tips for Homeowners

Roofing is our passion—and that passion overflows when we’re offering advice to homeowners roof repair tips on how to keep the beautiful roof we just installed in tip-top shape, over the long-term. Keeping your roof in prime condition isn’t difficult, but it does take short bouts of regular maintenance, and a little TLC. To keep … Read More

Your Year-Round Schedule for Roof Maintenance

You may have noticed from our blog that we literally can’t stress any harder how critical proper roof maintenance is. After all, your roof is the gatekeeper to your home—that keeps out menacing moisture, toppling trees and unruly squirrels. To ensure that you support your roof with proper roof maintenance we’ve developed a year-round schedule … Read More

The Top Terrible Roofing Mistakes Every Homeowner Makes

Taking care of your roof is hard—we get it. But we’ve decided to help by laying out the deadliest sin of common roofing mistakes that nearly every homeowner makes—so that you can avoid the 4 most common—and costly—mistakes made by homeowners when it comes to their investment-protecting roof.  The 4 Terrible Common Roofing Mistakes Most … Read More

How to Properly Inspect your Roof

Roofing shingle inspections shouldn’t be taken lightly or completed willy-nilly. Your roof is the protector of your home, it’s like a moisture-fighting gladiator. It protects the small-fortune investment you’ve made in your home and prevents foundations from cracking, moisture from damaging the walls and trees from falling on your heads. As such it deserves your … Read More

Patching or Replacing Your Roof: The Pros and Cons

When a roof and roofing shingles start leaking, regularly, a homeowner must decide whether to pursue patching or replacing your roof. But—when to patch, and when to replace? When Patching or Replacing your Roof Makes Sense To understand the decision of whether to patch or to replace your roof you must first understand the telltale … Read More

How to Properly Prepare your Roof for the Fall

Autumn brings a beautiful changing of the leaves, a lessening of nearly-unbearable summer heat and preparing your roof for fall. But—how to properly prepare your roof for fall is an element of homeownership that not every homeowner is aware of. To break it down, it involves the intentional care of your home, its roof, yard, drainage and … Read More