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The Importance of Gutters for your Home

When are asked, as roofing specialists in Newmarket, York, Durham, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Zefer & Uxbridge, the importance of gutters for your home we tell homeowners this…gutters are to home longevity as a healthy diet is to a long life and air conditioning Read More

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The benefits of choosing ‘Inspire’ roofing for your home

Any honest roofing Newmarket contractor will tell you why one roofing material supplier is their personal choice over the others they have at their disposal. Still, there are some names that have held a long standing credibility with roofing contractor experts and InSpire Read More

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How Gambrel-Style Roofing Gives your Home More Character-Newmarket Roofing Advice from the Experts

Gambrel roofs in North America and in Newmarket roofing date all the way back to the 1700s and were believed to be brought over with the architectural know how of European settlers—just another fun fact we know as one of the top roofing Read More

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How to choose the right roofing for your home

Whether you are building a new home or need to replace your current roof, you need to consider price, look and durability when choosing the right roofing material for your home. Consulting with experienced roofing contractors in your area can help narrow down Read More

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Exterior Siding

Exterior siding protects the sides of your home in the same way a roof protects the top; it shields your home from rain, wind, and the extreme seasonal changes unique to our Canadian climate. When properly installed and maintained, exterior siding will protect Read More

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