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Winter Roofing Tips To Help You Prepare Your Roof For NEXT Winter

After enduring one of the iciest winters that we have ever had, many people have committed to preparing their roofs for the next winter season. The frigid weather conditions can lead to ice dams; a buildup of ice that can prevent water from Read More

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Winter Roofing—Which Roofing Material is Best for Ontario Winters?

A simple Google Earth view will tell you that winter roofing here in Canada is different. We don’t just choose our roofing for the aesthetics, we also choose it for how it holds up in winter—and how well it insulates your home against Read More

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How to Repair your Roof in Winter

How to repair your roof in winter is a difficult and often angst-ridden question that we’re asked constantly. The simple answer is that YES—your roof can be repaired in winter, although most tasks should generally done by the professionals here at Dillon Bros Read More

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Ice Dams: How to Fix them—and Avoid them in the Future

Ice dams are simply considered part of the lovely homeowner experience that we, as Canadians, are continually subject to. However—they aren’t an inevitability. They can be fixed…and they can be prevented. Ice Dams: How to Fix Them in Winter An ounce of prevention Read More

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Roofing Tips: Winter Roof Maintenance Advice

Roofing tips and maintenance during Canadians winters aren’t easy—because at any given time our roofs are covered in at least a foot of snow. But, despite the hardships of winter roofing, the work simply must be done—because roofing emergencies aren’t polite enough to Read More

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