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10 Reasons to Choose Standing Seam Metal Roofing in Uxbridge

Feb 1, 2023

Standing seam metal roofing in Uxbridge was only used for commercial projects years ago. However, more and more people are investing in this kind of residential metal roofing.

Here are 10 reasons why that’s a good idea.

  1. This type of metal roofing is lightweight. This makes the installation process much easier. It also saves on the stress placed on the supporting structure.
  2. These roofs have great curb appeal. They look clean and simple. This type of metal roof quickly becomes an added attraction when you’re trying to sell.
  3. Standing seam metal roofing in Uxbridge also has a tremendous lifespan. The average for this type of roof is between 40 to 70 years.
  4. The material is fire-resistant. When it is installed correctly, a standing seam roof has a class A fire rating which is the highest possible.
  5. These types of roofs are energy efficient. Because they reflect sunlight, they can save you substantial amounts on cooling costs.
  6. This type of roof works well in any season under a variety of different climates. During a winter storm, snow and ice slides off easily. This type of metal roof reflects heat and resists moisture in humid climates.
  7. There’s less maintenance involved. All the fasteners that get used are concealed from the weather.
  8. These metal roof products are also fungus and moss-proof. It’s one of the reasons that asphalt shingle roofs and wooden ones have a shorter lifespan.
  9. These products are also excellent at shedding snow and rain. The reason is simple. A metal roof is slippery and hard by nature. The color you choose can make a difference. A darker shade quickly warms to the sun and encourages snow runoff.
  10. They have a minimum roof pitch. It is called a low slope roof.

To get the most from standing seam metal roofing in Uxbridge, you’ll need to hire good installers. Asking any candidates the right questions includes having them detail the areas they will clean up after the job is done. The job site needs to be left clean, secure, and safe.

All of the details need to be looked after. For example, joints need to be properly sealed and downspouts need to be inspected to make sure they are not damaged.