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Skylights and Sun Tunnels

Are you considering ways to lower your monthly heating and cooling bills? Fenestration devices, commonly known as skylights and sun tunnels, are an energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing option for home owners. According to Natural Resources Canada, skylights and sun tunnels can reduce energy costs by 7 – 12%, in addition to eliminating cold drafts inside your home, and reducing outside noise. Skylights come in many different styles and sizes, from lantern shapes to dome or flat-glazed styles. They provide more daylight than windows, and distribute it more evenly throughout your house. However, light-reflective glass can be used to reduce overheating, but it will decrease the amount of daylight that is filtered into your home. For small spaces where extra light is needed but a skylight won’t fit, sun tunnels are a perfect solution. A sun tunnel is a rounded lens installed on the roof along with another similar lens in the interior of the home where extra light, or natural light, is needed. These lenses are connected by a flexible pipe that reflects light from the exterior of the home into the interior. To ensure you are saving on your energy costs, have skylights installed by a professional. If installed improperly, even an energy-efficient skylight or sun tunnel will release more heat or cool air than a roof or windows. Dillon Bros. Roofing can help repair or install skylights and sun tunnels in your home, and we recommend Velux brand to our customers.

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