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Here’s a few good reasons why slate shingles are the best material for your new roof

Looking though all the possibilities when you’re considering the options as far as what’s available from roofing Newmarket firms and products can be daunting. There’s no doubt that roofing has come a long way since the only option was asphalt shingles. Today’s innovative roofing contractors can offer slate shingles as just one of the modern options for your new roof. Here’s just a few reasons why this is a great choice.

Slate looks great. There are other choices for the new roof on your home that have a somewhat pleasing appearance like tin or asphalt, but they both take a back seat to the aesthetically pleasing qualities of slate shingles. These slate stones can be fashioned and laid out like shingles and their natural looking appearance comes in a variety of natural colours that add variety to the choices you have.

Slate is the durable choice too. This is the material that can last 75 years or even more. Because this robust material is often cut from rock quarries, it also has excellent fire protection qualities. As well as being wind and storm resistant, this is also the material that will not be damaged by exposure to the elements.

Finally, roofing that’s done with slate will be low maintenance. Although you’ll need qualified roofing contractors for the initial installation, there’s literally decades of maintenance free living with a slate roof after it’s been installed.

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