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Steep pitched roofs do more than catch the eye

Homeowners that are looking for that little extra appeal often look for or build on a steep pitched roof for the elegance this style offers. However, steep pitched roofs do more than catch the eye and there are some practical advantages that should keep this choice at the top of any homeowner’s wish list.

The first has to do with the increase in storage space that a steep pitched roof supplies by adding to the available attic space. As well as giving any home a more traditional yesteryear look, this choice allows for more storage. A home with a 12/12 roof pitch also allows enough room for an additional bedroom.

Ventilation is another benefit. Air flow is necessary to making sure moisture doesn’t build up and cause corresponding problems and these steep pitched roofs promote good ventilation that’s also energy efficient. This in turn prevents the beams from rotting and causing further expense and problems.

A steep pitched roof also avoids the structural damage that’s often the lot of other types. The accumulation of snow on a lesser pitch over the winter season can cause structural damage over years when the snow sits on the roof for any length of time. Snow and even rain are more easily dispersed off a steep pitched roof so there’s less chance of accumulated damage over the seasons.

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