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Sheathing: The foundation of your roof and best maintenance practices.

When you look up at your roof and check the shingles for signs of curling or wear and tear after the winter is finally over, most of us don’t take the time to consider the sheathing that is the foundation of your roof and best maintenance practices to lessen the wear and tear that goes on there.

Of course the material that you choose will dictate how well the sheathing on your roof lasts. The most common materials used here are plywood particle board or wafer board roof sheathing and the thickness will vary depending upon the codes in your municipality.

There are some common installation mistakes that, if avoided, take away from the need to maintain the sheathing after the shingles have been placed on top. The seams of the sheathing need to be staggered so they can better bear loads of snow and other debris and the planks need to be securely nailed in place.

Remember you’ll want to be sure the sheathing doesn’t cause you any trouble after it’s covered and it does its part in keeping the elements out. Proper installation of sheathing to ensure the foundation of your roof and best maintenance practices includes using an air compressor with a nail gun so there’s a security to the roof sheathing that’s been fastened in place.

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