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How to Achieve an Aesthetically-Appealing Roof–on a Budget!

18233577_sSo, your shingles need some shaping up but you don’t want your budget to go through the roof—you’ve come to the right place, Dillion Bros Roofing, the Newmarket roofing company.

Let’s begin with the absolute sure-fire way to enhance the overall aesthetics of your roof on a budget: proper maintenance. To carefully care for your castle’s canopy you need to:

  • Trim trees that come uncomfortably close to your roof
  • Keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris and check them for visible signs of sagging
  • If you live in an area that receives lots of snow, try to remove any especially heavy loads
  • Extremely critical: ensure your roof has proper ventilation because the quickest way to get aesthetic-harming damage is from heat and moisture.
  • While checking your ventilation, check your attic (if you’ve got one) to check that a) you have functioning insulation and b) that you’ve got enough of it
  • Check your flashings, regularly. The most common leaking point on roofs are at the flashing points so look for any damage, wear, holes, cracks, etc.

Roof Coatings

Beyond simple maintenance there is a low-cost Newmarket roofing solution that will make your roof look brand-spanking new—without having to replace the shingles: roof coating. Roof coating is significantly cheaper than replacing a roof and has the great bonuses of lowering your energy consumption, saving you money on utility bills and reducing the future maintenance you need to do. In some states roof coatings are also tax deductible.

Try White

Another great energy-saving tip is to use a white coating, as white attracts less heat than darker-coloured roofs. If a white roof isn’t your idea of ‘aesthetically pleasing’, then any lighter colour will do! For an even budget-friendlier solution simply paint it. 

Clean the Sucker

You’d be amazed the difference a good washing will make on the overall appearance of your roof. Give the roof a good wipe down before doing any expensive alterations or repairs.

Stay tuned to our blog to catch more great roof-loving tips from the top Newmarket  roofing contractors—and if you can’t find the solution you’re looking for in the blog just give us a call. Heck, feel free to give us a call  anyways.
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