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Know Which Accessories are the Best to Compliment your Slate Toronto Roofing

Our customers always ask us which accessories are the best to compliment their slate Newmarket roofing—and our answer: only the best! Putting low-quality accessories on a slate roof is like taking a leer jet to a 2-star resort.

Your slate roof is going to last you a long, long, long time—so you need accessories that will last equally as long, and that look equally as impressive. Our first piece of advice is to go with copper wherever possible.

Copper Accessories

Copper is an extremely durable material, just look at the roofing of the parliamentary buildings in our nation’s capitol. Not only is it durable and good looking—it’s patriotic. As one of the top roofing companies in  Newmarket, York, Durham, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Zephyr & Uxbridge we use copper accessories wherever possible, because they will last and because copper is a pliable metal that allows for the inevitable repairs that you will need, eventually, far down the road. Here is a list of the most common copper accessories for slate roofs:

  • Copper Flashings
  • Copper gutters (eavestroughs)
  • Copper disc rivets
  • Copper slate nails
  • Copper valleys
  • Copper ridge caps
  • Copper nails

Inline Slate Venting

Your slate Newmarket roofing will need proper ventilation to ensure that your home can release the water that it stores. Each day your house will produce roughly 24 pints of atmospheric water from the showers, cooking, plants, sweat, etc., and about half of that needs to escape through the roof. In order to evacuate that water your roof will need proper ventilation, so as to avoid rotting the wood inside your home, rusting the metal, weakening metal fixtures, fostering mould growth and decreasing the effectiveness of your insulation.

A great way to vent the water and humidity from your home is through your slate roof via inline slate venting. Inline slate venting appears totally natural since it looks like just another slate tile, thereby enhancing the overall appearance of your roof. If you have question about inline slate vents give us, an experienced roofing company in  Newmarket, York, Durham, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Zephyr & Uxbridge, a call.

Snow Guards

Snow guards are a good idea on any Newmarket roofing but especially on slate roofs, to prevent ice damming and ice damage. Snow guards are especially a good idea around the following areas:

  • Entryways
  • Walkways
  • Landscaped areas
  • On lower roof areas
  • Roof & gutter protrusions

When installing a slate roof in Canada, you want it done right. Here in Newmarket we have access to a wide variety of accessories, which makes the choices that much more difficult. This is just yet another reason, in a long line of reasons, to go with an experienced slate roof company—and we’re the top slate roofing company in  Newmarket, York, Durham, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Zephyr & Uxbridge, so give us a call.

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