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How Gambrel-Style Roofing Gives your Home More Character-Newmarket Roofing Advice from the Experts

Gambrel roofs in North America and in Newmarket roofing date all the way back to the 1700s and were believed to be brought over with the architectural know how of European settlers—just another fun fact we know as one of the top roofing companies in  Newmarket, York, Durham, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Zephyr & Uxbridge. Gambrel roofs don the tops of some of our continent’s most famous buildings, including the second Harvard Hall, The Fairbanks House, Peter Tufts House and many homes dotting Canadian streets. With this rich heritage you can see how they inspire homeowners, and homebuyers, with rich colonial heritage atop Newmarket roofing.

Gambrel roofs are extremely distinguished, and as such are easily distinguishable. Their symmetrical, two-sided roofs feature two prominent slopes—giving it its classic look. But the characteristic good looks aren’t just on the outside…

Character, Inside—and Out

The character given to a home with the addition of a gambrel roof go beyond the exterior. On the inside gambrel roofs add additional living space in the form of a shaped attic or upper level. Thanks to the upper slope having a shallow angle and the lower slope a steeper angle gambrel roofs provide a tall living space in the middle of the top level of a home. 

Ultimate Possibilities

Many homeowners with gambrel roofs, or who are considering installing gambrel-style roofing in Toronto, look to doghouses and/or dormers to provide taller spaces at the cape of the roof. These dormers give the house a certain curb appeal on the outside—increasing the overall colonial appearance. On the inside they provide additional living spaces and add natural light to the newly formed upper level.

Rare Commodities

If you’re looking into adding a gambrel-style roof to your home then you know they aren’t the cheapest roofing option—another fact we know as one of the gambrel roofing companies in  Newmarket, York, Durham, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Zephyr & Uxbridge. What this expense does however is make homes with gambrel roofs more valuable, and a rare commodity—especially on Newmarket roofing. Also the rarer a home is the more people appreciate its beauty.

Continued Beauty

Part of the old-world rustic beauty of gambrel roofs is that they appear to have withstood the test of time—and they do. The gambrel roof’s natural shape lends itself very well to withstanding all weather conditions, which means a gambrel roof will look as beautiful thirty years from now as it does today.

If you’re considering adding a Gambrel roof for your Newmarket home then give us a call, as a roofing company in  Newmarket, York, Durham, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Zephyr & Uxbridge, we can educate you whether this is the right decision for your home.

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