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What to do when moisture is found in your roof

Ask any roofing Newmarket experts and they’ll tell you water and any kind of moisture is the real enemy of your roof. Although expert roofing contractors are the people that can permanently fix any of these issues for you, there are some things the average homeowner can do as stop gap measures before professional help arrives.

You’ll need to pinpoint the problem as best as you can. Start by trying to find the origin of the leak by looking above the spot for signs of a continuing problem like wet insulation and mold around plumbing vents and other areas like chimneys. If you’re lucky, the issue can be patched with the right caulking, but a more permanent solution will stop any reoccurrences.

Roofing Newmarket temporary fixes

If the problem can’t be found around the leak on the inside, there could be an issue with the roofing materials used. Be aware that water travels and the origins could very well be some distance from where it shows up inside. Once you’ve found the starting point, there are some things you can do to minimize any damage. Here’s a few temporary fixes.

  • Drill a hole in the ceiling where the water is dripping. That might sound crazy, but allowing the moisture to escape directly prevents it from pooling.
  • Attach a length of string near the flow. Allow it to dangle into a bucket and the water should flow there.

Above all, remember that you need roofing contractors who are qualified and experienced to come in and make any permanent repairs.

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