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Why spring and fall are the best times to check on your roofing

Like many other parts of your home, roofing needs to be maintained so you can keep it in the best condition possible. It’s no surprise the best advice comes from roofing contractors since they are the experts in the field generally and roofing Newmarket specialists have compiled a few things you need to know about the subject.

  • Spring is the time when damage from a long cold winter is readily apparent. A whole season of freezing and melting snow and ice can damage a roof but it’s hard to see the problem, not to mention dangerous, when winter is in full swing.  When the weather starts to warm in April or May, things that need the attention of roofing contractors like warped or missing shingles and damaged flashing that needs to be replaced are easily noticeable.
  • Hot summer months can take their toll on your roofing materials as well but it’s generally too hot to get up there and check for any signs of damage. Fall is the time to see if there’s been any damage from the hot weather and summer rain and that’s when you should consider a pre-winter tune up. Checking the attic in the fall will help to ensure the kind of proper ventilation that prevents winter ice dams that can have disastrous effects.

Roofing Newmarket specialists know that while everyone that owns a home wants to be sure they keep the roofing materials in good shape, there are certain seasons where it’s best to gauge the work that needs to be done.

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