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The importance of installing a drip edge to your roof

If you start a roofing conversation with qualified roofing contractors, you’ll soon see the entire structure that keeps the elements at bay is really a series of components working together. Roofing Newmarket professionals know the whole system thoroughly and the importance of installing a drip edge on your roof specifically. 

A drip edge protects from driving rain

Rain is a concern to the average homeowner when it’s falling straight down. Driving rain can find its way in between unprotected roof edges and cause mold and a variety of water related damage inside the home. A properly installed drip edge will channel water away from roof edges and protect the roofing structure in even the heaviest downpour.

They act as a guide and channel

The weather doesn’t need to be very severe for a drip edge to do its job. The most effective roofing systems will have drip edges that act as guide or channels to make sure even light rain flows into the gutters and then through the downspouts and away from the structure.

Why not get together with a roofing Newmarket specialist today? They’re the experts who can tell you more about the importance of installing a drip edge to your roof.

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