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Various questions to ask a contractor before your roofing repair

It goes without saying that you’ll want to have the best roofing job done for your dollar, and that means having a set of questions at your disposal that can narrow down the choices you have in roofing Newmarket specialists.

The first should be geared toward learning about the experience any company you’re thinking about using has. The goal here is to find a company that’s been in your community long enough to know their business well and have a list of past and present customers you can contact as references.

Ask about work schedules. You’ll want to have a good idea of when the work will start so you can make any preparations needed at your end, roughly how long the roofing project will take, what time the crew allotted to your project will start, and when they generally finish each day.

Last but certainly not least, you need to be sure the roofing Newmarket company you’re most interested in carries the right liability insurance and workers compensation. Looking after your best interests here is about asking to see proof of certification. A qualified and properly licensed roofing firm will be only happy to comply.

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