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Precautions to take in the summer months to protect your roof

The warmer months are a great time when everyone ventures back outside to start on projects that should include summer precautions to protect your roof. Roofing Newmarket specialists want their valued clients to know there are certain situations made worse by the hot weather they can identify. It’s important to understand that smaller repairs and maintenance now will prevent larger issues and more expense down the road.

Roofing contractors are big on giving proactive advice and making sure roofing shingles are in good shape will help to prevent any leaking from summer rains. Always putting safety first, the average homeowner can look for signs of shingles that have seen better days and might let water into the attic and the home.

Look for:

  • Shingles that are starting to curl at the edges and ones that are cracked. These will need to be replaced before the summer heat can do even more damage.
  • Excessive granules in the rain gutters. Here’s another indication you need to replace individual shingles or even the entire roofing system.

Of course, roofing Newmarket experts also suggest you have a professional inspection done during the seasons when they can inspect everything and spot any potential problems. While the average homeowner can see some issues, others like rotted sheathing hide from all but a carefully trained eye.

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