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The benefits of choosing ‘Inspire’ roofing for your home

Any honest roofing Newmarket contractor will tell you why one roofing material supplier is their personal choice over the others they have at their disposal. Still, there are some names that have held a long standing credibility with roofing contractor experts and InSpire is one that stands at the top of the list for several very good reasons.

First off, InSpire Roofing’s Slate and Cedar Shake products combine those two essential elements that every discerning homeowner looks for in high end roofing tile innovation —the ability to mimic natural slate and cedar while doing away with the tiresome maintenance scheduling of the real thing.

Roofing contractors are quick to point out there are other benefits including selection that can be fitted to your individual tastes with an amazing 31-colour palette for InSpire Slate alone. All this elegant beauty doesn’t come at the expense of durability either.

The changing climate conditions are of course a concern to roofing Newmarket professionals and clients alike. With a Class 4 impact resistance and rated to withstand onslaughts from 110 mph wind, the InSpire slate product provides both beauty and peace of mind. The cedar shake roofing products are just as attentive to detail with Class A fire protection.

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