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What Can you Do about Moss on your Roof

While moss can be pretty adorned the sides of quaint Tudor-style homes, albeit structurally damaging—it wreaks havoc on a roof. As roofing specialists in Newmarket, York, Durham, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Zefer & Uxbridge we regularly see the damage created from moisture-induced roof moss—and we’ve have made it our mission to protect our customers’ roofs over the long term.

So—what can you do about moss on your roof? Well, there are two common, yet unique, solutions to this problem:
How to Remove Moss from your Roof:

1. Sprays

Moss-killing sprays are a common solution for those asking how to remove moss from your roof. They are cheap, can be administered yourself (although we never recommend climbing on your roof yourself) and are a quick-fix to the moss-on-a-roof problem. The drawbacks of using a moss-killing spray is that you often only kill the surface moss and not the moss between and under roof shingles, meaning moss infestations return—and fester underneath your shingles. Moss-killing sprays can be store-bought or homemade with water and bleach, but you risk damaging and dyeing your shingles.

2. Power Washing
Power washing your roof can strip layers of moss, but it doesn’t get at the source of the infestation which makes it an inferior solution. It also heavily damages your roof shingles—which is why wehighly discourage this process. 

3. Strips
As roofing specialists in Newmarket, York, Durham, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Zefer & Uxbridge we prefer a get-at-the-root-of-the-problem solution, like having strips of zinc or copper professionally installed. These 6 inch-wide strips are installed near the apex of the roof, and then drip moss- and algae-killing metallic molecules down your roof when it rains or snows—killing the algae that causes moss infestations.

4. Copper-Granule Shingles

If your roof is in need of replacing and you live in an area prone to moss build-up then you will strongly want to consider installing shingles that are laced with copper granules. As discussed in number 2 copper kills moss on contact, which makes copper-granule roof tiles a permanent solution to moss-covered roofs. Installing copper flashings along with the copper-granule shingles will ensure no moss gathers around skylights, chimneys and other roof structures.

What Can You Do about Moss on your Roof—the Final Verdict

When it comes to how to remove moss from your roof and how to protect your roof—and home—over the long term we recommend a long-last solution to moss-covered roofs, like specially-formulated shingles and flashings and the installation of copper or zinc strips.

If you have moss on your roof, call The Furnace King, your roofing specialists in Newmarket, York, Durham, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Zefer & Uxbridge, for a free assessment about the best course of action to remove the roof-damaging algae permanently.

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