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How Extreme Weather can Affect YOUR Roof

Roofs are to houses what moats are to castles—their protector. But just as extreme weather can affect the effectiveness of a moat it can also affect your roof. There are a number of detrimental ways how extreme weather can affect your roof:

The wind created from storms and hurricanes in Newmarket and surrounding areas catapults debris onto your roof, which can cause thousands of dollars of damage. Roof-damaging debris includes branches, trees and wet leaves—all of which damage and knock off shingles, causing your roof to leak and lose valuable heating.

Roofs are built to keep the rain off your head, but extreme weather that dumps abnormal amounts of water onto your roof can cause the granules of shingles to wash away. Without these granules your roofing shingles become ‘bald’ and they can no longer repel the water and wind that keeps your home safe—and dry.

We’ve all seen how much snow can be dumped onto a roof during an extreme snowstorm, but what you may not know is that snow can severely damage your roof. Large amounts of snow can damage your roof and home in three ways:

·It traps and holds moisture against your roof which damages the shingles and structure.

·It is heavy (something every Canadian knows all too well)–and this weight causes shingles to shift and fall off.

·It blocks vents in your roof and prevents the moisture vented from your home from escaping into the environment. 


Ice causes similar damage to snow, but has the added power of creating dams in eavestroughs—which causes water, moisture and snow back ups, compounding the issues created by snow and rain alone.

Extreme weather can be detrimental to your roof and your home, which is why proper roof maintenance is required before and after any and all extreme weather. This means clearing eavestroughs when they become full with leaves, clearing eavestroughs of ice dams, removing heavy loads of snow from your roof in winter and replacing any shingles damaged by wind, rain, hail or snow.

If your roof has been damaged by extreme weather or need professional maintenance before or after an extreme weather incident, call your Newmarket-area roofing specialists—the Dillon Bros.

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