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What to do When you Detect a Leak in your Roof

Most homeowners—with the exception of retired roofers—don’t know what to do when you detect a leak in your roof. Some don’t know how to detect a leak either, but these are critical homeowner skills that you need to learn to protect the investment you have made in your home.

How to Detect a Leak in your Roof

Finding a leak in your roof isn’t easy as water is extremely fluid and it can leak through one tile then drain into your attic or upper floor and pool in whichever place it finds comfy. Your first step in detecting a leak in your roof is to examine your roof and look for any visibly damaged tiles that could be causing the leak. Inside your attic you will want to search interior leaks by looking for water damage, a drip or water stains. Head up to the attic on a rainy day with a trusty flashlight and you should be able to easily locate the leak.

Once you’ve detected the leak in your roof you will want to repair it. On a standard shingle roof this task isn’t difficult for homeowners who are reasonably handy—although working on the roof without injuring yourself is more difficult. If you have the proper safety equipment, tools, skills—and balance—you can fix the damaged shingle yourself by replacing the single shingle with a new one if it is extremely damaged or with roofing cement for shingles with gaps that aren’t necessarily damaged.

Should I Fix a Leak in my Roof Myself?
We never advocate homeowners climbing onto their roofs themselves as we know exactly how dangerous this can be. If you do not have the proper safety equipment (which many homeowners don’t) and insurance should anything go wrong, then consider calling a professional. In addition to completing the job safely (and with more insurance than a gaggle of firefighters) they can also assess the overall condition of your roof and advise on any pre-emptive repairs to be made to avoid further future water damage.

So—what to do when you detect a leak in your roof? Call the Dillon Bros, your roofing experts in Newmarket and surrounding areas.

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