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5 Problems that Can Arise with an Unmaintained Roof

Roofs are like plumbing—life-altering when unmaintained. Roofs need to be maintained as there are a myriad of problems that can arise with an unmaintained roof. An unmaintained roof causes copious damage to your home, including: water damage to your attic and walls, moisture, mould and mildew—and a slew of other home-damaging problems. If your roof becomes damaged through lack of maintenance and/or by wind, rain, hail, leaves, snow or extreme weather, there are a number of specific problems that can arise with an unmaintained roof:

1. Shingle Damage
Shingles are vulnerable to degradation, especially in areas like Newmarket, that have bouts of extreme weather. If your roof isn’t well well-maintained by removing large amounts of snow and clearing eavestroughs of leaves it can cause shingles to become damaged, create gaps or fall off entirely.

2. Water Damage
When roofs aren’t maintained properly shingles become damaged, fall off and create gaps. These gaps allow water to seep in, which cause a multitude of problems—including water damage to your walls and floor, which can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to fix.

3. Mould
When water and moisture enter your home it creates a breeding ground for mould, mildew and bacteria to grow. This mould—in addition to being damaging to your health—can cause rot within the wood support structure, in the concrete of your foundations and your drywall.

4. Termites
When gaps or holes are present in your roof it is easy for termites (and other bugs to enter) to enter and take up residence. The result of termite infestations is a weakening of the wood structure of your home’s entire building structure. Termites not only weaken your home but also the health of your family as they carry germs and can poison you with the naphthalene they release.

5. Exterior Damage
Your roof is the protector of your home. A roof that isn’t well-maintained can’t do its just, which is keeping the rain off your head and directing it away from your home and into the city’s drainage systems.

When it comes to roofs maintenance is the key to having a happy, healthy roof—and wallet, home and family—over the long term. If you are experiencing any of the above 5 roof-related problems listed above then call the Dillon Bros—your roofing experts in Newmarket and surrounding areas.

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