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How to Properly Prepare your Roof for the Fall

Autumn brings a beautiful changing of the leaves, a lessening of nearly-unbearable summer heat and preparing your roof for fall. But—how to properly prepare your roof for fall is an element of homeownership that not every homeowner is aware of. To break it down, it involves the intentional care of your home, its roof, yard, drainage and gutters. 

How to Properly Prepare your Roof for Fall

Preparing your roof for fall is easily done with the right knowledge—and checklist—although it can be somewhat time consuming. Without it though, the fall leaves and weather can wreak havoc on your home causing thousands of dollars of damage. When it comes to how to properly prepare your roof for the fall, simply follow the below 4 tips:

1. Trim your Trees
Trees are great…unless you’re a roof. Fallen branches, moist leaves and other debris can cause moisture to build up on your roof, damaging roofing tiles and forcing hot air back into your attic. So, to prepare for fall trim any nearby trees to remove any overhanging branches. This will prevent leaves and the branches themselves from falling onto your roof.

2. Check for Missing, Damaged and/or Loose Shingles
Roofing shingles are sensitive. They break, fall off, curl and sometimes cry. Before the fall leaves take up residence on your roof ensure that all your shingles are in tip-top shape, to prevent moisture from damaging them further or entering into your attic and home. Replace any damaged shingles you see.

3. Clean your Gutters—Well
Your gutters are your friend. They trap leaves, keep water away from your sensitive foundations and keep your roof from building up with leaves. Give them a little love this summer or fall by giving them a thorough cleaning. Clear all the leaves and dirt—and then consider giving them a thorough rinsing to remove the grime and dirt that builds up. While you’re up there, also give you downspouts some attention by clearing them of all debris, dirt and grime—as they are the other critical part of clearing water away from your foundations.

4. Check your Insulation
Not that any of us want to think about it but following fall is winter, and winter brings cold, snow and moisture. Give your insulation a once over, and replace it if needed—to protect your roof from moisture and/or heat damage over the colder months.

If you follow the above steps of how to properly prepare your roof for the fall you will be well on your way to a happy, healthy, leak-free fall and winter. Should any problems occur—or should you not have the time or ability to prepare your roof for fall yourself, then give the Dillon Bros a call—your top roofing company in Newmarket.

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