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How to Maintain your Cedar Roofing and Mistakes to Avoid while Maintaining It

When it comes to how to maintain your cedar roofing—and mistakes to avoid while maintaining it—our advice is simple: just remember that it is wood. While trees seem to have the outdoor-wood thing down, prepared wood products like Adirondack chairs, wood siding and cedar shake roofing tiles all need maintenance.

How to Maintain your Cedar Roofing 

When it comes to maintaining beautiful cedar roofing tiles the key is regular commitment. This ‘commitment’ involves:

1. Checking Tiles—Regularly
The most important element of how to maintain your cedar roofing is to check it regularly with an annual roofing inspection from a professional. They will look for any shakes that need to be replaced due to cracks, breaks, curling, rusting or loose flashings.

2. Beware of Lichen
Lichen, moss and mould are your cedar roof’s arch nemesis, so be sure to remove any moss you see growing immediately. Using the right materials when installing the roof should help prevent this, materials like zinc and copper are best. Also, clean your gutters regularly to avoid the moisture build up that causes mould, moss and every cedar-shake roof owners’ nightmare (and vampire nightmare) lichen.

3. Vent and Insulate
Continuing with the above point of keeping your roof dry (and clear of moss), check at least once a year to ensure that your ventilation is working properly and venting hot air away from the inside and outside of your roof. Also, ensure your attic is properly insulated and that the insulation doesn’t become damp over time.

4. Mistakes to Avoid While Maintaining your Cedar Roof
As you are likely learning, cedar roofs are hard work when it comes to maintenance. But not only can the maintenance be somewhat time consuming—it can also easily go wrong. Be aware of the following elements while maintaining your cedar roof:

·Don’t Damage it While Power Washing
The cedar-roofing community is split as to whether you should power wash your cedar roof in the first place—but this can be extremely effective when done properly, as the right PSI, with the right equipment and in the right way. If you do not have the right equipment then consider hiring a professional—and seeing as they only need to be cleaned every 3 to 6 years this shouldn’t be too much of an expense.

If you chose the DIY path for power washing your roof, be sure that the power washer is on a low setting, pay attention to the litres per minute and PSI, note the fan-tip size and be careful to hold it the proper distance from your roof.

·Don’t Use the Wrong Preservative
After cleaning your roof preserve it with a linseed-oil preservative. You may also want to consider combating weather damage with an oil-based stain. If you use a stain ensure it is oil-based as only oil will accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of the wood. All water repellents used ideally should have a UV inhibitor, be EPA registered and designed for cedar wood

If you are unsure on how to maintain your cedar roofing safely—or the mistakes to avoid while maintaining it—then call the Dillon Bros, Newmarket’s cedar roofing specialists.

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