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Patching or Replacing Your Roof: The Pros and Cons

When a roof and roofing shingles start leaking, regularly, a homeowner must decide whether to pursue patching or replacing your roof. But—when to patch, and when to replace?

When Patching or Replacing your Roof Makes Sense

To understand the decision of whether to patch or to replace your roof you must first understand the telltale signs that signify a serious roof issue—in a roof that needs replacing:

1. The roof deck is sagging

2. There are significant dark spots and trails on the roofing shingles

3. Signs of interior water damage and/or leaking

4. Outside light that is able to protrude through the roof’s interior

5. An excessive amount of cracked, missing or bald shingles

6. Loose materials around elements like chimneys, flashings, vents and pipes

7. An excessive amount of shingle granules in your gutters

8. Significant moisture damage, rot and/or mold—especially to the roofing shingles

9. Improperly installed kitchen, bath and dryer vents (as an improperly vented home can do extreme damage to a roof)

If you have noticed one or more of the above then you may need to replace the entire roof—but call a professional roofing company in your area to assess the damage.

Pros and Cons of Patching or Replacing your Roof

Many homeowners are not able to replace the roof at the first sign of significant damage, while others know they can get ‘just a little more’ out of it through professional-grade patching—but before you make that decision, know the pros and cons of patching your roof:

Pros of Patching your Roof

  • More affordable than replacing it
  • Easy to do on your own (with proper safety equipment) or only a small job for a professional
  • Provides a temporary stop-gap measure to replacing your roof

Cons of Patching your Roof

  • It can encourage lazy roof repair
  • It can leak further and cause extensive—and expensive—damage to your home
  • Only delays the inevitable
  • It puts undue strain on your foundations and gutters

If you’re still wondering if patching or replacing your roof is the right course of action to preserve your home—call the Dillon Bros for a no-obligation on-site consultation. We can help.

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