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The Top Terrible Roofing Mistakes Every Homeowner Makes

Taking care of your roof is hard—we get it. But we’ve decided to help by laying out the deadliest sin of common roofing mistakes that nearly every homeowner makes—so that you can avoid the 4 most common—and costly—mistakes made by homeowners when it comes to their investment-protecting roof. 

The 4 Terrible Common Roofing Mistakes Most of us Make

1. Ignoring Roof Leaks
Roof leaks can create a monsoon in your home, or a small drip undistinguishable to the human eye. But guess which one is the one we pay attention to? The problem is, even a small leak can turn catastrophic. Small leaks can expand as the nearby roofing becomes structurally weakened, and even a small leak can let a large amount of moisture into your home. The best thing you can do to prevent roof-damaging leaks is to inspect your roof regularly. This means in the spring and again in the fall—and then after every major weather event like extremely strong storms. Pay particular attention to the flashings, joints, vents, shingle quality etc. as they are the most likely to leak. Don’t check just the exterior but also the interior by looking for interior water damage or rays of light coming through the roof.

2. Ignoring Shingles in Rough Shape

Your shingles are literally your home’s front line against wind and moisture so while you’re up there inspecting your roof check their overall condition. Note the quality—and quantity—of the granules, and check to see if there are granules in your gutters (which is a sign of excess wear and tear). Also, check for any shingles that are warped, lifting, tenting—and of course, missing. If you discover damage you will want to immediately patch or replace any damaged shingles.

3. Lack of Preventative Maintenance

We’ve long said that an ounce of preventative maintenance is worth a pound of repair—and it truly is. The absolute best thing you can do is to schedule your roof maintenance. There unfortunately is no app for that, but you can schedule your regular roof maintenance in your smartphone to ensure that you don’t overlook it as life gets busy (as it always does). Preventative maintenance you should schedule should include: cleaning your gutters and downspouts, regular inspections, repairs, shingle replacement, etc.

4. Improper Repairs
Roof repairs are an art form. It takes a certain amount of skill and finesse—and a tonne of safety equipment. Amateurish roof repairs are not only sub-par and costly, but they can be truly dangerous. Think about it this way—there is a reason roofing companies like ourselves need hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance. So, when it comes to roofing repairs, leave the difficult stuff to the pros. If you aren’t sure you know what you’re doing with small repairs (like using roofing cement to patch a leak) then call a professional and have him show you the proper way. While they are there ask them to show you the best way to inspect your roof, so that you know all your roof’s weak points and trouble spots to watch out for.

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