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How to Shingle a Roof

When it comes to how to shingle a roof, the absolute best way to shingle a roof—is to call us here at the Dillon Bros. We have the experience, safety equipment—and insurance—to complete the job well, safely, and on-time. Here at the Dillon Bros we know how dangerous it can be up on roofs, which is why we never recommend for homeowners to do major roofing jobs themselves. Having said that however, if you’re curious how to shingle a roof we’ll tell you (although you know what they say—curiosity killed the cat).

How to Shingle a Roof
First, you need to gather equipment, which includes: a compressor and nail gun (ideally), nails, shingles, safety harness, safety shoes, ladder and (preferably) a friend to climb up there with you. To calculate how many shingles you need you’ll need to multiply the square feet of the roof and bring that number with you to the home improvement or roofing store you buy the shingles from.
Once you’ve prepped your materials and taken all necessary safety precautions (including ensuring you’re up-to-date on your homeowners insurance) you need to remove the old shingling and clean the area to prep it for installation.

Shingle Installation
Shingling installation methods vary depending on the type of roof you’re installing and its overall grade and shape. You will want to measure the length and width of the area you’re shingling before you begin to find out how the shingles will lay on the roof.

Once you’ve decided on your shingling strategy begin installing your shingles by laying a ‘starter strip’, a strip of tab-free starter shingles (which can also be made by cutting the tabs off of normal shingles). You can then continue by staggering the starter joints, then nail them down well—because a shingling job is only as good as its nailing. After you finish the first row you’ll want to begin the second and continuing rows by staggering the second course/row about 6-inches short of the first row. Staggering will create a strong roofing pattern.

How to Shingle a Roof: Call the Pros
Note that these ‘how to shingle a roof’ installation tips provide merely an overview of the process but doesn’t include details like catering to roof grading, curves and shapes—which is something that must be assessed on a roof-by-roof basis. This assessment and strategizing process is   learned through experience, which is why we recommend having your shingles laid by the pros. Call the Dillon Bros for a quote on costs associated with shingling your roof.

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