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Metal Roofing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Metal roofing is visually stunning—but it does have its advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding to install a metal roof you should know all the facts about metal roofing, so that you can make an informed decision, for you, your family and (the value of) your home.

Advantages of Metal Roofing
Included in the ‘pros’ column of installing metal roofing are:

  • It is lightweight and portable. It weighs just one quarter that of tile and half that of asphalt tiles. This means less weight on your home—especially during winter when heaps of snow weigh roofs down even further.
  • It is extremely durable as it is not only resistant to heavy loads of snow (it usually slides right off) but is also incredibly resistant to damage from wind, hail and fire.
  • It is safer than asphalt as it is highly resistant to fire, making it significantly less likely to catch on fire if a neighbouring ablaze home’s spark lands on your roof.
  • It lasts longer. In fact it last much longer than asphalt—up to three times as long.
  • It needs little to no maintenance as tiles don’t need to be replaced, like with asphalt and other types of roof.
  • Metal roofs generally come with extremely long warranties (not that they need them) as the makers are extremely confident in their durability.
  • Metal roofing is the most energy efficient on the market and can save you up to 20-times your energy efficiency on your heating and cooling energy costs as other types of roofing.
  • Metal roofing adds value to your home as it lasts longer, requires less maintenance and saves on energy costs. All of these points are big pluses for on-the-market homeowners.
  • They are the eco-friendly choice as they are almost always made from 100% recycled materials.

Disadvantages of Metal Roofing
Despite its glowing advantages metal roofing isn’t for everybody for a number of reasons:

  • It is more costly to purchase and install than asphalt or other types of roofing as the materials are more costly to purchase. This price gap is narrowing however as oil prices rise (the primary ingredient in asphalt).
  • Metal roofing is significantly noisier than other roofs as impacts make more sound.
  • Snow guards are recommended as large heaps of snow can fall off suddenly causing damage or injury. If your home’s roof is near the sidewalk then you will need snow guards.

If you’re considering installing a metal roof on your home, then call the metal roofing experts in Aurora, Richmond Hill, Newmarket and Zephyr, the Dillon Bros—we can provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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