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Roofing Technologies You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

Roofing technologies…huh?

We bet you didn’t know that roofing has gone high-tech! No, seriously.

There have been a number of nearly unbelievable advances in roofing technologies that you would swear were right out of an Issac Asimov sci-fi book. Now, most of these won’t be gracing your neighbour’s roofs in the near future, but we bring this list to you to help you appreciate the art of roofing—and of course to raise your expectations for the not-so-distant future of roofing.

3 Truly Amazing Roofing Technologies
The following are all cutting-edge, state-of-the-art roofing technologies that we hope will be on all our rooftops within our lifetimes…

Green Roofing Technology

Green roofing is one of the technologies on this list that we’re actually seeing gracing many of Toronto’s rooftop space. This greening of once-barren, boring rooftops not only creates additional green, functional living spaces—it also greens our air thanks to the negative emissions they create. As another added bonus they add garden space to buildings, which makes way for the community garden trend. Green roofing will hopefully soon become a common feature on nearly every home, which would change our suburban landscape, while saving us heating and cooling energy costs.


Cool Roofing Technology

When we say ‘cool roofing technology’ we don’t mean that it’s roofing installed by the cool kids, it is roofing materials that actually help reflect more of the sunlight away from your home—lowering your overall cooling costs. Cool roofing is accomplished by using highly-reflective paint, sheet covering or reflective tiles/shingles. These highly-reflective are relatively low-cost once you factor in the energy savings, which makes them the roofing technology on this list that is the most likely to enter the residential-roofing market. The only downside to them is that they aren’t as effective in places like Newmarket thanks to our long winters (and overall lack of sunshine).

Active Roofing

Active roofing is a type of hybrid roofing system that combines a traditional roof with built-in solar collection. This solar collection method is unlike traditional panels that are installed on top of roofing, as these ‘panels’ are built right in. These types of systems allow homeowners to more effectively collect solar energy (by using a larger portion of their roof), and pay off their solar investment quicker than with traditional panels.

We also hope that these types of roofs find a way into the traditional residential roofing market—however the Canadian climate in Newmarket does present some challenges.

If the above roofing technologies sound fantastic but you’re looking for something a little more traditional for your roof—then call the Dillon Bros, your roofing experts in Newmarket.

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