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Why Some Roofs Are Better Than Others

The easiest, and knee-jerk, answer to why some roofs are better than others is that some are newer than other. But the age—or lack thereof—of a roof is only part of the equation. There are a number of elements that define why some roofs are better than others.

To breakdown for homeowners looking to re-do their roof, or for homeowners in the market for a new home and want to know what to look for—what makes a quality roof, here are the various elements that define a roof’s quality:

1. Age

Age is still one of the biggest factors in what makes one roof better than the neighbour’s, as roofs deteriorate over time thanks to sunlight and weather.

2. Rating

The reason we say that age is merely on determining factor in a roof’s quality is that age isn’t the only deterioration element—some roofs simple break down easier than others. Asphalt, as an example, comes in various ratings. The higher the rating the higher the quality. So, a 40-year shingle is a better quality than a 30-year shingle.

These ratings don’t necessarily dictate how many years a shingle will last though, they indicate that under the same wind, snow and sunshine conditions they will last longer than their lower-rated counterparts. If your home is in an area with strong winds and/or snow storms then you’ll want to opt for the higher rating so that the shingles don’t curl or become bald too quickly.

3. Material

Since we’ve been talking primarily about the durability of a roof, it is worth to mention the roof materials. Roofing materials vary greatly, and some are more highly-prized than others. For example, wood roofs are more durable than asphalt, but metal is more durable than both.

4. Warranty

While roof warranties are generally extremely basic and rarely cover the lifespan of their rating—some are better than others. Roofs with a more extensive warranty create a more valuable roof than those with poor warranties.

5. Workmanship

Your roof is only as strong as the installation job that is done by the roofing contractor. For the best quality roof possible, hire an experienced roofing contractor or company with excellent references and top-quality online reviews—like the Dillon Bros.

6. Maintenance 

All roofs require some maintenance, however some require less maintenance than others. Asphalt roofs need to be inspected after every major storm to check for worn or curling shingles, while metal roofs are less likely to be damaged by moisture and therefore require less maintenance. Wood shingles need to be regularly inspected for mould, mildew and rot, which means they too require regular maintenance.

7. Appearance

This determinant of the quality of a roof is fairly subjective, although many people prefer the appearance of wood and metal to asphalt (although not all!).

So, what makes one roof better than another could be due to its: durability, appearance, materials, warranty, required maintenance and/or roofing company workmanship.

If you’re looking for the highest quality roof—call the Dillon Bros for experienced advice on your best options.

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