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Roofing Tips: Winter Roof Maintenance Advice

Roofing tips and maintenance during Canadians winters aren’t easy—because at any given time our roofs are covered in at least a foot of snow. But, despite the hardships of winter roofing, the work simply must be done—because roofing emergencies aren’t polite enough to obey seasons. Roofing issues are however difficult and irritating to fix during our winter season.

So, what is the best winter roof maintenance advice that we can offer you. As professional roofers  who have spent years and years fixing up roofs in winter—and our top winter roofing tips are:

  • ·Water

One of the biggest concerns, surprisingly, isn’t the cold or snow—but from the melting water that occurs during the unpredictable weather we have here in Ontario. When temperatures rise above freezing the snow and ice that melts is the biggest cause of roof-damaging ice dams. So, manage your roof’s snow, ice and ice-melting heat properly by plugging up heat leaks and properly insulating your attic.

  • ·Snow and Ice

Every Canadian who has ever shovelled a driveway knows exactly how heavy snow and ice are. Just imagine constantly supporting as many cubic meters of ice and snow that your roof does on a regular basis? So, give your poor roof a break by clearing off heavy dumps of snow and the ice that forms. Having said that however—exercise extreme caution as this can be extremely dangerous.

  • ·Early Attention

Paying attention early-on in the winter season will pay off in spades—so take care during the initial snowy months to any holes or hot spots in your roof.

  • ·Inspection

Our biggest and best roofing tips for winter are simply to pay attention to the status of your roof. To do this you simply need to keep an eye on your roof. If too much snow builds up, remove it. If you see visible damage-repair it. You may not be able to see the condition of your roof throughout the winter so examining it after a major winter-weather event is key.

  • ·Off-Season Pricing

Having non-critical roofing elements repaired during the late-fall, winter and early-spring seasons can save you money as roofing companies have a limited number of projects on-the-go. So, if you have an element of your roof—especially the interior roof—that needs to be done, consider having it done during these more-affordable winter hours.

Beyond the roofing tips we offered above to maintain your roof in winter…the best advice we can offer is to prepare your roof for winter during the fall season. And of course, post care in the spring time is critical.

For more roofing advice stay tuned to our roofing blog—and for roofing emergencies, call the Dillon Bros.

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