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Roofing Warranties: How to Read the Fine Print

Roofing warranties can be as difficult, as the legalese is equivalent to a home developer’s or lawyer’s contract. BUT—reading them with a critical eye is absolutely needed to the long-term health of your roof, as there may be a number of elements that you’re responsible for as the homeowner. This pre-emptive attention and care can, literally, save you tens of thousands of dollars over the long-term.

Roofing Warranties: How to Read the Fine Print

When you read your roof warranty or your potential roof warranty (if you haven’t purchased yet), it can generally be broken down into the most important elements that you need to consider…

1. The WHO

When considering who will validate your warranty you need to know who issued the warranty—the shingle manufacturer or the roofing company. The difference is stark as a roofing company warranties their installation quality whereas the shingle or roofing-material manufacturer will only warranty their tile (and not the work).

2. Materials VS Parts and Labour

When considering who insures you—also consider what they ensure. Does your roofing warranty insure their materials? Labour? Both?

3. What is YOUR Responsibility

Warranties don’t simply cover the shingle manufacturer’s and/or roofing installation company’s duties—it also labels your responsibilities. Your responsibilities include expected maintenance duties, like replacing damaged tiles, yearly inspections and other yearly maintenance duties. Without a receipt stating that you have upheld these duties your roofing warranty may or may not be valid.

4. Status

Many roofing warranties are only valid once the roofing-installation company has been paid in full. So, if you have an extended payment plan with a company, you may or may not be covered before your roof is 100% paid.

5. Extreme Weather

Not every roofing warranty covers ‘extreme damage’ as here in Ontario ‘extreme damage’ doesn’t happen every year. This includes hurricanes, windstorms and the like.

6. Transference

If you purchased your home will the warranty still be valid? If you didn’t discover this before purchasing—now would be a great time.

7. Fake Speak

Not every warranty can be taken at face value. For example, if a high-quality roofing material is installed poorly, then it’s ‘lifetime’ warranty won’t necessarily be valid. There are other conditions and  elements that determine your warranty’s coverage, including the “merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose”. So, read your contract carefully.

If you’re considering a specific type of roofing and want help in understanding it’s warranty and installation—then call the Dillon Bros. Our decades of experience means we understand roofing warranties inside and out…so we can help you protect your investment.

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