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How to Repair your Roof in Winter

How to repair your roof in winter is a difficult and often angst-ridden question that we’re asked constantly. The simple answer is that YES—your roof can be repaired in winter, although most tasks should generally done by the professionals here at Dillon Bros roofing. The simple reason you should call us is that roofing jobs are dangerous in the best of conditions (and we have the expensive monthly insurance payments to prove it!), winter however is even more dangerous.

Every winter roofing job should be approached with an extremely hesitation, and safety-oriented attitude because roofing in any season is dangerous. In winter, walking on a roof is like being a greased-up cat on a hot tin roof—which is why many roofing tasks should only be completed by professionals like ourselves. If you’re curious which is the below tasks should be professionally-accomplished, simply give us a call.

How to Repair your Roof in Winter
If you’re experiencing leaks, ice dams or other roof-damaging issues during the winter season, then consider our advice below on how to repair your roof in winter…

  • ·Shingles

Surprisingly, shingles CAN indeed be replaced during winter. The only issue in replacing them is that they need to remain clear of debris and snow for a couple of hours as cool weather prevents an immediate seal. Caulking may be used to provide an adequate seal.

  • ·Prevent Snow, Ice and Water Build Up

Snow and ice are essentially water build up—and water on your roof causes two different issues: roof-damaging weight and ice dams. Ice dams are caused when heat melts snow and ice, which then turns to ice dams in your eaves. And even if that snow and ice doesn’t melt it can still cause permanent damage to your roof. So…you need to remove large amounts of snow and ice from your roof to prevent damage.

  • ·Roof Installations

If your roof is in need of serious repair or replacement…winter isn’t the ideal time, obviously, to do this as poor weather affects the ability to install and seal roofs. It also creates more dangerous conditions. If you have critical damage to your roof that warrants the replacement of your entire roof call us immediately. We can discuss how quickly we can protect your home and it’s roof, and for what cost.

  • ·Use Winter-Rated Products

If you’re installing new products, or sealing new roof elements during the winter—then be sure that you’re using 100% winter-ready products.

Our absolute best advice as to how to repair your roof in winter is to call the Dillon Bros. We can advise you on what needs to be fixed immediately and what we can reschedule at a later—and warmer—date. While we’re making a house call we can also advise you as to how to best protect your roof in the future.

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