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Metal Roofing Myths

Metal roofing myths are pervasive with homeowners. These myths have become pervasive because people simply don’t know much about them. Generally the only thing homeowners know about it is that it costs more than asphalt. But—there is a lot to know about this type of roofing—especially the common metal roofing myths.

  1. Myth 1: They’re Noisy

When people think of the sound of raindrops on metal roofing they think of the sound their shed’s sheet-metal roofing makes in the rain. Residential-grade metal roofing is installed over materials that absorb sound—making noise a negligible consideration as it makes no more noise than other roofing options.

  1. Myth 2: Metal Roofing is a Lightning Magnet

Metal roofing is a better conductor than other roofing options, BUT, the roof dissipates any lightning blows that hit it by. If a blow does hit and somehow doesn’t dissipate, know that metal doesn’t catch fire. Another element to consider is that if your house isn’t the tallest thing nearby—then none of the aforementioned points even matter.

  1. Myth 3: They Rust

Metal roofing can last 100 years. The reason they last despite being beaten regularly with precipitation, is that the manufacturers coat them with zinc or aluminum and high-quality, long-lasting paint.

  1. Myth 4: They Dent

Metal roofs are highly-resistant to dents, even in hurricane alleys. Hurricanes, hail, and even walking on them won’t dent them. They also come with long warranties.

  1. Myth 5: They’re THE Most Expensive Roofing Material

Metal roofing isn’t the most affordable roofing option—but it isn’t the most expensive either. When you consider the total cost of ownership of a roof the upfront cost becomes less of a factor. First, you won’t have to replace it—at least not in your lifetime. They also require almost no maintenance. Asphalt and other materials need to be replaced every 5-15 years, and need regular maintenance and individual shingle replacement throughout the years. Metal roofing also adds substantial value to your home, which is another way to deffer their costs.

If you’re considering metal roofing—do it. It’s beautiful, durable and a value-add to your home. You also won’t have to climb up on it dozen times over the next few years to inspect it and remove snow. We hope these exposed metal roofing myths help you in making your decision. For help deciding if it is right for your home—or for a quote on how much it will cost—, give us a call here at Dillon Bros roofing.

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