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Five Resources for Researching a Roofing Specialist

Today’s homeowners must be proactive in reviewing the service quality of contractors they employ. Fortunately, there are a number of resources available for those who wish to review the marketplace and locate the company that’s able to meet their needs both cost-effectively and to the highest of industry standards. Here, we’ll outline five resources for researching a local roofing company.


1. Online Review Firms

Companies such as Angie’s List have become a crucial element in the contractor hiring process for many Canadians. Review sites enable visitors to see how highly rated the company’s services are by their previous customers. This will help provide homeowners with an indication on both the quality of a company’s services and their commitment to client satisfaction.

2. Neighbours

Oftentimes, homeowners can find specialist contractors via residents on their street. Speaking with neighbours directly allows homeowners to ask questions related to the company’s performance and their working processes. The important question to ask the neighbour is “Would you recommend the service to others?”

3. The Canadian Roofing Contractors Association

The Canadian Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA) is an excellent resource for homeowners considering their choice of roofing specialist. The organization has a comprehensive membership list, which includes many of the leading firms across the country. Through the company’s website, Canadians can contact local roofing specialists in their area to determine their ideal choice for an upcoming project.

4. Local Directories

Local business directories, whether they’re in the phonebook or an online listings website, provide homeowners with a full rundown on each of the specialists in their region. While these companies are often not reviewed as closely for performance capacity as they would be by the CRCA, the list can be very useful for finding a small firm to complete a low cost project locally. Online Yellow Pages is a great resource through which to begin the search.

5. Other Contractors

Many home repair and installation specialists have great experience across the marketplace. This means that homeowners might be able to finding a roofing expert by speaking to the person or company that installed their kitchens or bathroom areas. Choosing a company through a recommendation of a proven specialist can help ensure exceptional workmanship once the roofing project has been completed.


With an array of resources at their disposal, homeowners are well-equipped to find a trusted local expert to meet their installation or repair demands. To learn more how to complete a specialist research process, call our service team today!

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