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Green Homes: Your Best Green Roofing Materials Options

Jun 23, 2014

Green homes are the latest and greatest in residential real estate. Home buyers are looking for green homes and sellers are looking to increase their homes’ value with green materials and renovation technologies.

There are a number of phenomenal ways to ‘green’ your home, but one of the best is to prevent the massive loss of heat and air conditioning—by using green roofing materials. Green roofing materials can save you hundreds of dollars every year in heating, while reducing your home’s overall eco footprint. They can also last decades longer so they require less frequent replacement (and therefore use less materials over time). The below green roofing materials have a number of benefits over their non-green, eco-shameful alternatives.

So…what are the most eco-friendly roofing options for green homes?

Green Homes: Your Best Green Roofing Materials Options

There are a number of green roofing material options that can extend the life of your roof while improving your eco-footprint…and saving you money…

1. Metal

Metal is generally made with recyclable materials and can also be recycled after you are finished with it—although you won’t be alive to recycle it as it lasts up to 100 years. Not only are they recycled AND recyclable, they also reflect more sunlight which means lowered cooling costs in summer. They also help with other eco-friendly processes, like rain-barrel water collection. When considering metal roofing, avoid copper roofing for the biggest eco-pay off as copper creates a large amount of pollution and energy consumption during its production.

2. Recycled Rubber Roofs

Recycled rubber roofs are made from old tires—which helps keep hundreds of thousands tons of tires from entering our landfills. But you aren’t just doing the environment a solid, the recycled rubber roof you install will last up to 50 years! They aren’t as eco-friendly as metal roofs as they don’t expel heat from the sun as well…but they don’t cost as much either.

3. Tile

Tile is a roofing material that can last a decade or more—but it isn’t always ideal for Canadian houses. If you’re curious about this green roofing material—call the Dillon Bros for information about tile roofing as it relates to your geographic area.

If you’re curious which green roofing material is best for your home—call the Dillon Bros for a custom home roofing evaluation.