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How Gutter Covers Can Help Your Roof Last Longer

Jun 9, 2014

We all know how costly repairs for our homes can be. After several years of being a home owner, you just need to be prepared for any and all challenges in order to cope with any issues that may arise. An important key to keeping our houses in good shape is preventative maintenance. A significantly useful way that you can prolong the life of your roof is with the use of gutter covers.

How Gutter Covers Can Help Your Roof Last Longer

A widely praised company that offers consumers viable products that can protect your eavestroughs is Alurex. Their leaf guard solution, known as the Gutter Clean System, can protect your gutters from heavy snowfalls, ice, and water seepages. Best of all, it comes with a 40 year clog-free warranty! Listed below are some of the benefits associated with a leaf guard system installation on your gutters:

-Vastly reduces the risk of your eavestroughs warping during the winter. These keep snow and ice from clogging your gutters.

-The Gutter Clean System stops debris (such as leaves, dirt, and ice) from clogging up your gutters.

-Helps your gutters flow smoothly year-round! These gutter shields are made of weather proof aluminum, which prevents them from rusting or warping.

-Built to last- this system can support the heavy weight of accumulated snow and ice.

-With the Gutter Clean System installed, your roof may last a little longer. When snow, ice, and water accumulate on your roof, it can easily cause a leak- especially when you have clogged gutters that prevent them from leaving your roof. Alurex’s solution protects your gutters from debris, and can keep water from getting under your roof or into your foundation.

If you’re looking for a reputable roofing contractor that can properly install an Allurex Gutter Clean System in the Toronto, York, and Durham regions, check out Dillon Bros. Roofing. For over 15 years, this highly praised company has continually satisfied their clients with their superior roofing expertise. These expertly trained contractors can provide you with a wide variety of roofing services, such as eavestrough cleaning, shingles and skylight installation, gutter clean system installation, aluminum and vinyl siding, snow removal, and much more. If you have any roof-related inquiries, or if you want a free estimate, check out their website at dillonbrosroofing.ca.