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Queensville Roofing Contractor of Choice

Choosing the right contractor is not to be taken lightly. Some homeowners make the mistake of immediately going for the one who offers the lowest bid without knowing more about the quality of their work. Regarding to whom you entrust your home,  you want to go for the one you can rely on to do a really good job.

Since 1998, Dillon Bros. Roofing has shown Queensville homeowners that choosing us is the best decision you can make for your home. Because we are a family owned and operated company, you can be sure that we personally take care of the projects we handle. We are dedicated to providing our customers in Toronto, York, and the Durham regions with the highest quality roofing products and the most dependable services. Thousands of homes have been provided by Dillon Bros. Roofing with the best roofs. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy them, too!


Queensville Roofing Options

Aside from choosing the right contractor, you should also make sure you’ll have the right type of roofing. That choice is not as easy to make as you probably think. You should think hard about the qualities you need from your roofing. Of course, you can always contact us and we’d be happy to answer all your questions. In the meantime, here are the available roofing options:


Queensville Flat Roofing

Another cost-effective option is flat roofing that also offers easy and safe maintenance. If you are a homeowner who likes to do his own roof cleaning, this is a perfect option since you don’t have to worry too much about falling off! We offer flat roofing membranes like classic 2-ply modified bitumen and single-ply TPO and EDPM. Dillon Bros. Roofing is a licensed installer for CARLISLE, FIRESTONE, IKO, and SOPREMA roof products.



Queensville Services

While Dillon Bros. Roofing is known for our exceptional installation services for residential and commercial roofing – both for newly-constructed properties and as roof replacement – we also offer other services. These services include installation of skylights and sun tunnels, aluminum and vinyl siding, and gutter clean systems. We also cover snow removal and eaves trough cleaning. All our services are offered at fair prices. The lowest bid you’ll receive may not come from us, but you’d get the highest quality service there is at the price we offer.

Now you already have some idea about the roofing types you can have for your Queensville home and you know who to call, there’s only one question left: Whendo you want the roofing project to start? Call us when you’re ready!


  • “I wanted to thank the crew who did our roof – they did a great job and we’re quite pleased with the work they did! We really appreciate their hard work!”

    -Homeowner, Aurora, Ontario

  • “Thank you for being so prompt and patient! Total pleasure doing business with Dillon Bros. Roofing!”

    -Homeowner, Zephyr, Ontario

  • “We are extremely happy with our new roof. Yes the colour and quality of shingle looks really good. Oh what a difference to the house BEFORE and AFTER. We were impressed with the professional workmanship by the roofer team. They did such a great job!”

    -Homeowner, Mt. Albert, Ontario