Roofing 101

Don't fall into the trap of a "good deal" instead of a "good job".

We’d like to remind you that in your search for a roofing contractor, you may come across what appears to be “a deal”, but in order to provide this ?deal?, the contractor will need to cut corners somewhere. Instead of offering you the best price, we guarantee our customers that we will provide an honest appraisal of the situation and the best quality job, at a fair price.

Sheathing (Deck)

The quality and condition of the roof sheathing is the foundation to a sound and attractive roof. Over time the original sheathing may deteriorate if moisture has found it’s way under the shingles and/or there is not adequate ventilation. We do not recommend placing new shingles over old shingles for several reasons:

  1. a) the manufacturer’s warranty may be voided on the new shingles if not laid directly onto a proper sheathing
  2. b) the final roof will not be as attractive because it will not lay flat
  3. c) it is best to remove all materials down to the original sheathing to verify that it remains solid.


On low pitch roofs there is often damage caused by ice build-up during the Canadian winter freeze/thaw cycles. Tar paper (also called eave protection) is laid along all low pitch eaves. Enhanced protection can be provided with the laying of Ice & Water Shield, which is a standard in our quoting and installation.


The decision as to what type of shingle to lay will be dependent partially on your budget and partially on the style of your roof.


Valleys will wear out before any other portion of your roof due to the volume of water in these areas. We recommend metal in valleys “with ice & water shield underlay”.

Chimneys & Skylights

Chimneys and skylights are areas that need special attention in order to ensure there are no leaks. Depending on the construction various types of metal flashings, ice & water protection, caulking and/or torch-down may be required.


Venting is critical to ensure a healthy house. There are normal vents, whirlybird vents and ridge vents. We can help you determine what your house requires.


Shingled Roof

Shingled Roof

Shingled Roof