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Started in Canada in 1978, SOPREMA has carved out a name for itself as the leader in the roof waterproofing sector due to the high quality of it products and its technical support.

SBS modified bitumen technology has proven to be the most reliable technology in the waterproofing industry over the last 30+ years. Most SOPREMA roof waterproofing membranes are made with SBS modified bitumen and include a reinforcement of non-woven polyester or glass mat. Their unique formulation and superior quality provide exceptional durability and resistance to severe weather conditions.

SOPREMA sets the standard in the waterproofing field, which is supported by the expertise of many professional installers. For any projects in Canada, you can rely on the dedicated members of SOPREMA’s technical representative team for advice on the design, installation, maintenance and renovation of roofing systems.

The Classics

SOPREMA created two CLASSICS for the roofing industry: the inseparable ELASTOPHENE and SOPRALENE. The ELASTOPHENE line includes all base and cap sheets made of glass mat reinforcement, while SOPRALENE membranes are reinforced with polyester.

Ideally, an efficient waterproofing system should consist of an ELASTOPHENE membrane and a SOPRALENE membrane to withstand building and roof assembly movement. Glass mat ELASTOPHENE reinforcement gives a roofing system excellent dimensional stability, while polyester reinforcement provides superior elongation capacity and greater puncture resistance.

SOPREMA has designed several other classics, so now waterproofing membranes can be adapted to all types of installation and to all degrees of slope. These quality membranes are also offered in different sizes and colours, and with optional types of selvedge.


LASTOBOND roof underlayment membranes are often used on residential building roofs and under metallic siding materials to ensure waterproofing of high risk areas. SOPREMA has designed a complete line of self-adhesive waterproofing membranes offering unique performance. They are made from SBS modified self-adhesive bitumen, a glass mat reinforcement and have a sanded surface. The LASTOBOND 195 membrane is 91 cm (36 in.) wide, and the LASTOBOND 240 membrane is 112 cm (45 in.) wide.


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