Investing in your home requires choosing the best products, which means choosing 50-year architectural shingles in Newmarket. There are more than a few reasons why these are an excellent choice and value for your dollar.

  • These are durable products built to withstand severe weather conditions. They use high-quality adhesives and multiple layers, making them durable and thick. This excellent combination protects against different types of impacts and high winds.  These shingles are made to withstand impacts from hail and other debris that can hit them during storms.
  • 50-year architectural shingles in Newmarket also make a great first impression. They come in an excellent assortment of styles and colours so homeowners can match their brand-new roofs with their property’s overall architectural design. These shingles have multiple layers for a dynamic look, and they can mimic the appearance of slate or even natural wood.
  • These are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a highly wind-resistant shingle. They often offer a resistance of up to 130 mph. This is a great feature because it prevents shingles from blowing off, tearing, and lifting, which in turn reduces any possibility of structural damage and water issues.  Of course, shingles built to withstand high winds also last longer and provide better ROI for homeowners.
  • Some products on the market today have extra features like algae resistance. This prevents ugly black streaks.  Algae can even degrade a shingle over time.  It can lead to mould and mildew, adversely affecting indoor air quality. Knowing that your roof can handle severe weather can make you feel confident and secure about your choice.

Dillon Brothers Roofing is proud to offer 50-year architectural shingles in Newmarket.  We offer premium, durable roofing materials that provide excellent protection.  Delivering the highest standards of customer satisfaction is our priority. Why not get in touch with us today? Don’t forget to ask about our outstanding industry-leading warranty options, which we have designed with you in mind. Remember, we offer the finest new installations, Replacements, and repairs in Newmarket and surrounding areas.