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Winter Roofing—Which Roofing Material is Best for Ontario Winters?

A simple Google Earth view will tell you that winter roofing here in Canada is different. We don’t just choose our roofing for the aesthetics, we also choose it for how it holds up in winter—and how well it insulates your home against Read More

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3 Roofing Materials to Avoid Like the Plague

When it comes to roofing materials that people should have avoided like the plague—we’ve seen it all, right down to tarp-covered roofs on unfinished and botched roofing jobs. To help save you from learning the hard way and installing one of the below Read More

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Concerns for Roofing Richmond Hill

Weather in Richmond Hill is fickle, to say the least. This ever-changing weather creates a number of concerns for roofing in Richmond Hill, but—luckily—most of them can be avoided or easily fixed with proper roof maintenance. 4 Major Concerns for Roofing in Richmond Read More

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4 Roof Repair Tips for Homeowners

Roofing is our passion—and that passion overflows when we’re offering advice to homeowners roof repair tips on how to keep the beautiful roof we just installed in tip-top shape, over the long-term. Keeping your roof in prime condition isn’t difficult, but it does Read More

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Your Year-Round Schedule for Roof Maintenance

You may have noticed from our blog that we literally can’t stress any harder how critical proper roof maintenance is. After all, your roof is the gatekeeper to your home—that keeps out menacing moisture, toppling trees and unruly squirrels. To ensure that you Read More

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