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Tips for Matching IKO Roofing Products in Bradford To House Colour

Nov 1, 2022

Choosing the right IKO roofing products in Brantford is made easier when you have some tips. You need to start by looking at price points, shape, and size as well as colour.

Choosing the wrong shade can be a big mistake. It can make your house look different than the surroundings or even clash with the paint. Here are some tips for picking the proper roof shingles for your house.

Consider energy efficiency. A lighter-coloured shingle means that your house will absorb less heat during the hot summer months. That means your air conditioner will operate much more efficiently and use less energy. That in turn can lead to lower utility bills
When you’re sorting through IKO roofing products in Brantford, you’ll need to consider matching your paint finish. The best method is to take a colour sample from the exterior paint on your home. You can match it while you are buying shingles.
Here’s something else that you should consider. Natural light affects the way we perceive colour. That’s especially true in different seasons. Colours can look different when we see the sunlight as opposed to on a cloudy day. If you can take the time, it’s best to look at different roofing samples under several different conditions.
You should also compare your shingles to your neighbours. Many homeowners don’t notice it at first, but the colours of neighborhood roofs can be quite different. If you are having trouble choosing the right shade with paint swatches or samples, This look at the roofs of your neighbor’s homes. For some people, the neighborhood must have tones that look good together.
Here are a few other tips that can help make this process a little easier.

Roof Pitch Matters
This is another factor that you need to consider when you’re choosing the right shingles for your house. There are three different types of roofs — high-pitched, medium-pitched, and low-pitched.

A low pitched roof reflects more light and it will stand out against any background. If you’re looking for a way to make your house stand out against the natural atmosphere, choose a shingle colour that’s different from the paid on your home.

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