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3 Recent Innovations within the Roofing Industry

Sep 22, 2014

The Canadian roofing industry is in a state of constant evolution, as new products enter the marketplace to meet the changing requirements of the modern homeowner. For those considering a home roofing upgrade, it’s important to know the latest options available within the industry. In this blog, we’ll help outline three of the latest roofing innovations now available to Canadian homeowners.

1. Environmentally-Friendly Systems

The latest ‘green’ systems, such as recycled rubber roofs, from the leading manufacturers are designed from recycled materials and can also be recycled themselves after use. Until recently, recycled systems didn’t offer the same level of performance as non-recycled products. But new changes within their manufacturing processes have allowed companies to create composite systems that combine the environmental benefits of recyclable products with the performance advantages of the classic systems. This means homeowners can limit their impact on the natural environment while maintaining a safe and secure property.

2. High-Durability Shingles

The latest shingles from manufacturers such as GAF have been designed for wind-resistance up-to 130km per hour. This helps provide homeowners with lasting protection during periods of bad weather. In addition, the unique structure of the latest shingle products ensures exceptional protection against the effects of sun-light. High durability products can help mitigate property damage and provide man years of lasting performance. It’s an innovation that means many homeowners are now able to affordably install roofing systems that will last for decades or more on their property.

3. Polymerization Technology

In recent years, the industry has seen the introduction of products such as advanced single ply TPO, which is designed to combine the durability and weatherproof properties of ethylene-propylene (EP) rubber systems with the heat-weld capability of polypropylene. This combined flexibility means that the products are both long-lasting and protective when installed in the home. The heat-welded seams of single ply TPO are exceptionally strong and the system also features a low water vapor permanence and low water absorption level, thereby mitigating potential property damage due to leaks. This advancement in polymerization systems is now enabling manufacturers to hone their products to the industry demands of homeowners and roofing professionals.

As the roofing market continues to move forward in terms of both researching new materials and building products to meet new customer demands, homeowners should now speak with a local specialist about the ideal systems for their property. To learn more on the latest products available on the Canadian roofing market, contact our expert staff members today!