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Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Benefits Of Getting A Slate Roof

After many years of adequately protecting your home or business, there comes a time when you have to consider getting a new roof. Rather than waiting for the inevitable leak, or other possible issues, it’s highly recommended to get a new roof before Read More

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Green Homes: Your Best Green Roofing Materials Options

Green homes are the latest and greatest in residential real estate. Home buyers are looking for green homes and sellers are looking to increase their homes’ value with green materials and renovation technologies. There are a number of phenomenal ways to ‘green’ your Read More

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Metal Roofing Myths

Metal roofing myths are pervasive with homeowners. These myths have become pervasive because people simply don’t know much about them. Generally the only thing homeowners know about it is that it costs more than asphalt. But—there is a lot to know about this Read More

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How Gutter Covers Can Help Your Roof Last Longer

We all know how costly repairs for our homes can be. After several years of being a home owner, you just need to be prepared for any and all challenges in order to cope with any issues that may arise. An important key Read More

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Are Your Roofers Adequately Trained?

Before agreeing to hire roofing contractors, it’s very important to find out some crucial information about them. We all know the significance of hiring a roofing company that fully insures their contractors- after all, if they aren’t insured and sustain an injury while Read More

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